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Step potential



TEZABED© Functional Outline

A TEZABED© is a specifically designed rechargeable ELECTROLYTIC earth installation. It is designed to be retreated ‘as required' to allow the maintenance of a low resistance over many years and through all seasons.

Proven installations, properly constructed and using the unique TEZABED© methods and conductivity fluid indicates that a reduction in resistance of 65% + can be expected in most ground types. In difficult installations, where LONGMONT special construction techniques have been applied to enhance the ground, improvement beyond this level has been readily achieved.

Tezabed Earthing System

TEZABED© earth installations are suitable for all ground types. They can be made up of any number of electrode types, i.e.:

30 ohm, 10 ohm, 5 ohm and under 1 ohm installations can be designed, constructed and maintained. These levels ensure a guaranteed safety, statutory compliance and improved instrumentation / communications noise reduction.


LONGMONT personnel are available to assist with:

TEZABED© installations have been in use since 1995 and can be designed and installed under licence.

Tezabed Conductivity Fluid

TEZABED© fluid can be used to retrofit a driven earth stake application with up to 50% improvement. Fluid and Well Kits are available from LONGMONT, EIW, Armstrong's Electrical Wholesalers, and other progressive electrical industry wholesalers.

TEZABED© fluid is pH neutral, and in made up from a number of metallic and common soluble salts. All have been specifically selected to ensure retention within the surrounding soil, without any deleterious effect on the environment. Application in earthed situations has been sanctioned for use in water catchment areas by the W.A. Water Corporation.

Installed Resistance GUARANTEED.

This symbol represents a world first in rechargeable and sustainable natural electrolytic earth systems. Using proven scientific methodology and TEZABED©, design features, LONGMONT will design, install and commission a GUARANTEED earth resistance in any ground conditions.