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Soil Resistivity Injection Testing Service

Proper grounding is essential to prevent unwanted voltage rise under fault conditions and creating EPR and Touch potential hazards for personnel, critical equipment and process systems. By carrying out accurate measurement of earth electrode resistance using soil injection testing methods, will allow effective design of grounding systems. This enhances the ability to minimize potential transient over-voltage hazards, in compliance with regulations and standards, and ensures personnel safety through the rapid detection and isolation of the faults in a distribution system.

At LONGMONT, we have licensed, experienced and qualified personnel to carry out Soil Injection Testing, Soil Resistivity Testing and earth design using the latest technology, service and quality management. On completion, installation and design certification is provided for compliance with AS/NZS Standards. To complement this selection, we include the services of specialist consultancy associates with whom we have successfully completed similar projects. The company or our personnel are active members of number of professional bodies including; IE Aust, IEEE, IICA, ACA, & AICD. Member of Australian Standards Committee, El 024 – Lightning Protection


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