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Certification for Step & Touch potential and Earth Potential Rise(EPR)

Established in 1984, we have provided electrical safety engineering design services and supplied specialist electrical service to the resources industry over this period. We have been involved with many leading mining and energy or resource projects in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand over this time.

Our core business is injection testing for EPR and touch potential compliance, total earth system integration, lightning protection, cathodic protection, surge protection and standards compliance for electrical safety.
Our staff have extensive experience in mining, oil, gas, industrial, process and telecommunications industries with special expertise in Project Engineering, lightning protection and earthing systems, with an emphasis on integration of the associated Australian standards. This expertise enables us to provide an enhanced dimension in quality electrical engineering and provide solutions that meet both engineering and commercial needs.

LONGMONT recognises that our Client is our future. From this understanding, the cornerstone of company policy is a total commitment to our Client needs. This commitment leads to a service that is acknowledged as being among the best. LONGMONT aims to maintain and develop corporate relationships in a manner that goes to enhance our client business and business opportunities to the extent that our clients pursue us to work for them as a first choice. For this reason the majority of our clients come to us through referral or personal contact.

Our headquarters are in Perth, Western Australia and we also have premises in South Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand.

About Us
Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1984, LONGMONT was established to provide a personalised electrical engineering client service, supplying high-level skills, knowledge and expertise throughout the whole of a project, rather than only at the front end. These works commence at concept; proceed through a project to handover documentation then training of the technical and operating personnel.

LONGMONT's expertise in a diverse range of industries complements our specific segment experience. This allows us to offer a new dimension in practical cost effective quality engineering; ensuring client needs through optimum engineering and commercial solutions for all projects. In all works, emphasis is placed on effective project management to supplement strong project engineering skills. As part of the end to end commitment to electrical safety and maintain an updated knowledge of regulatory requirements, we hold a licence as Registered Electrical Contractors - EC 10290.
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