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Step potential

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Electrical Safety Systems

At LONGMONT, we offer a range of specific engineering services, in support of the electrical industry. We understand the difficult nature of compliance with standards to assure insurance industry acceptance. We provide expert licensed inspection and reporting, by Authorised Electrical Inspector and qualified Electrical Engineers.

Our Specific In-House Services include but not limited to

Our experience relates to mining and telecommunications installations, with specific experience in lightning protection, surge protection, and special earthing applications for optimized system noise mitigation.

• Telecommunications Earth Survey • Special Earth systems designed
• Earth installation integrity tests • Fault loop impedance design
• Lightning Protection integrity survey • Written Cost Estimates
• Lightning Protection engineering • Detailed Material take Off
• Surge Protection Design • Projects Schedules
• Earth Wells design & specification • Electrical Safety
• EPR Injection Tests • Inspection & reports
• System fault induction Simulation • Isolation Procedures

Is your installation safe?

Are you protected against electrical faults? What about indirect Lightning Strike?


What is the chance of electric shock or fire?


Does your installation comply with legal requirements; is your insurance valid?


Is corrosion destroying your asset?

Can your operating budget stand the downtime necessary to replace all of your equipment and rewire the installation?

We offer competitive prices, turnkey services, client satisfaction with recommendations based on proven industry experience.