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Earth Systems vary from those associated with a telecommunications, through commercial and domestic or railway systems, to low voltage transformers and high voltage distribution substations.

Failure of an earth system to function correctly will always result in injury or damage. The injury will vary from minor burns to fatality. The damage will vary from interphase flash over to major damage and fire.

Without exception the earth is the most important single component of any electrical installation. An adequate earth ensures personnel safety and equipment protection.

LONGMONT will design, integrate, install, test, and commission the appropriate earth for your application.

The design of each earth installation must be considered with the application in mind. Corrosion cells must be avoided, adequate surface area must be available to mitigate any fault, alternative connections are mandatory for combined earth attachments, low resistance must be maintained through all seasons, the mandatory requirements of different standards must be complied with.

Individually, each requirement is easy to meet, combined they present more of a problem.

LONGMONT has the experience to design, integrate, install, test, and commission the appropriate earth system for your application.


LONGMONT Design installs and guarantees the installed resistance in any conditions, for any application.