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Step potential

Our Corporate Profile






Through our experience in mining, oil, gas, industrial, process and telecommunications industries with special expertise in Project Engineering , lightning protection and earthing systems . Our expertise enables us to provide an enhanced dimension in quality electrical engineering and provide solutions that meet both engineering and commercial needs.


LONGMONT recognises that our Client is our future. From this understanding, the cornerstone of company policy is a total commitment to our Client needs. This commitment leads to a service that is acknowledged as being among the best. LONGMONT aims to maintain and develop corporate relationships in a manner that goes to enhance our client business and business opportunities to the extent that our clients pursue us to work for them as a first choice. For this reason the majority of our clients come to us through referral or personal contact.

Core Business

Project engineering and compliance inspection, injection test for EPR, total earth system integration, lightning protection, cathodic protection, surge protection and electrical safety.

Specialist Areas

Telecommunications & general infrastructure, Mining & Industrial Material Handling, Oil and Gas

Specific in House Services

Special & general lightning protection system design, testing and certification to ensure integration and compliance with the applicable Australian and international standards,

Special & general earthing system design, testing and certification to ensure integration and compliance with the applicable Australian standards,

System test, EPR measurement injection tests, step and touch potential & tests reporting and certification,

High Voltage & general protective earth systems design for AS 3000 compliance; step & touch potential calculations to AS 3007, AS 2067, IEEE 80, and ESSA standards,

Telecommunications earth systems design, test and certification;

Lightning protection systems design, specification and certification;

Electrical Safety Audit;

Electrical, Soil & Thermal resistivity surveys;

Electrical safety audit & HV switching procedures;

Load Data Logging

Technical Training & Documentation.


LONGMONT nominates company representatives for any project, based on client relationships and specific needs. To complement this selection, we include the services of specialist consultancy associates with whom we have successfully completed similar projects. As qualified professionals, registered senior tradesmen an past Electrical Supply Authority inspectors, the company or our personnel are active members of a number of professional bodies including; IE Aust, IEEE, IICA, ACA, AIM & AICD. Membership of Australian Standard committee E 024, [Lightning Protection] on Behalf or the Australian Corrosion Association is a valued and insightful position.