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Cathodic Protection Cathodic protection

Design and Installation Certification is now mandatory for electrical installations under the BCA and some contracts.

We can provide installation inspection, testing and Certification. We offer electrical design compliance Certification and Verification for all Australian Jurisdictions. The common tests are outlined in AS/NZS 3017

Section 8.2 of AS / NZS 3000 identifies the Verification requirements necessary to comply with the Electricity Act Regulations.

Sample of clients and projects include:

Alcoa - Annual EPR & Earth tests

Simcoa – Annual EPR & Earth tests

Pulset – Inspection, test modify & certify Chinese manufactured Modular Accommodations

Gorgon Project – Install, test & certify Earth Installations

AM Modular – Inspect & certify Modular Accommodations

MCJV – Inspect & certify Modular Accommodations